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MISSION: Our mission is using one platform for examinations. Reduce paperwork and offering quick and accurate results.

VISION: Our vision of Online Exam System is more popularly helps for our modern age system. It helps us to use the present technology into examiantion system . It can be helpful for quick and accurate results.Through it helps for only limited sector of people , it is cost efficient , eco friendly and so on.


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Online examination System is conducting a test online to measure the knowledge of the participants on a given topic. In the olden days everybody had to gather in a classroom at the same time to take an exam. With online examination students can do the exam online, in their own time and with their own device, regardless where they life. You online need a browser and internet connection.

Online Examination System (OES) is a platform to hold online examinations. It caters to many requirements of holding online examinations. The system can generate statistical data for records. The system makes it possible to maintain a repository of questions, and then generate papers at a later stage, such that the lecturer has more flexibility over holding online quizzes. Furthermore, it provides the functionality to mark the papers automatically.


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